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Cost cutting wedding tips

Off-season weddings

Most South Sound weddings take place from May through October, so to get the best off-season rates, consider getting married between November and April.

Ask your venue, and food and beverage manager about their rates during those months. Other South Sound and West Sound wedding professionals may offer discounts too. For additional discounts, consider getting married on a Friday or Sunday -- or on a Monday through Thursday.

When you marry during the holidays, remember that travel can be pricey for loved ones traveling from afar. Sometimes winter weather impedes travel as well. Keep all those details in mind when selecting your date and location.

Budgeting your wedding

  1. Talk to qualified wedding professionals about their prices before you set your budget to be sure you have a realistic amount budgeted. Many times, couples want a TV-show wedding on a real-person's budget. It won't happen unless you win a wedding giveaway.
  2. Once you have a realistic budget set, then choose three to five wedding professionals to talk to. Visit our Wedding Resources page to find qualified South Sound wedding professionals. Narrow it to one or two and set up an appointment to discuss your ideas and get their professional advice.
  3. Some wedding professionals have packages or set prices and others have variable prices depending on what you want. When wedding professionals spend the time to prepare a proposal, you need to let them know if you are hiring them or not; don't leave them wondering.

How to cut costs

  1. If the proposed fee is too much, but it's close and you really like the wedding professional, ask your wedding professional how you can trim costs. They will give you suggestions. Catering? Perhaps a buffet instead of servers. Florist? Put flowers in every third aisle instead of every one. DJ? Ask them to work fewer hours at the reception.
  2. Sometimes DIY cuts costs, especially for favors and hand-intensive work. Other times, it will cost you more. For invitations and other printed pieces, you may purchase the wrong paper or the paper won't go through your printer, and other problems. Contact Tina at Sandpaper Custom Stationery. She's a talented invitation designer who loves working with engaged couples.
  3. Use vintage, thrift store finds for your decor. Or check your parents' or grandparents' basements and attics for decor. Perhaps you could use their caketop, cake knife, China or other memory-laden pieces.
  4. Get married and have your reception in the same location avoids two venue rental fees.

Lastly, I don't recommend going into debt to pay for a wedding. It's not a good way to begin your life together. Stick to your wedding budget to help begin your lives in a financially responsible way.


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Published on April 29, 2016.

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