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Wedding decorating tips

Simple wedding decoration tips to make your wedding decor look spectacular.

When I served as a wedding coordinator, I gave décor design advice to my engaged couples to help them plan their wedding ceremony décor. Because I coordinated hundreds of weddings in the same location, I learned which designs worked and which ones didn’t work. I also learned some basic design concepts from my sister, an interior designer.

When decorating for your wedding ceremony and reception, here are some tips.

  • Decor does not have to be symmetrical. Asymmetry is more eye-catching and interesting. Examples of symmetry: two candelabra or two floral centerpieces on either side of the ceremony table. Examples of asymmetry: One centerpiece set to the side on a ceremony table with candles or other décor.
  • Interior designers will tell you to decorate in odd numbers (threes, fives, sevens, nines) because visually it is much more interesting and eye-catching. You will stop to look, whereas symmetrical items are, unfortunately, commonplace. You can place some symmetrical décor, but be sure to also create asymmetry in some of your decor to create visual interest.
  • Decor on your ceremony table (at a church it may be called an altar or communion table): Remember that when you, your loved one and officiant will stand in front of it, guests will not be able to see what is on it unless it is a tall item (centerpiece, cross, etc.).
  • I learned this tip from an event organizer. Place your décor at eye level (while seated and standing). When you place short decorations (potted flowers, etc.) on the floor or ground, it is only seen by the guests in the front row. Décor needs to be tall or stand at 5 feet tall-plus to be seen from guests in the middle and the back. Don’t place tall décor behind where your bridesmaids or groomsmen will stand otherwise in photos it will look like tall items are coming out of their heads.
  • I learned this tip the hard way. Do not place candelabra with lighted candles behind the wedding party because if they step backwards or have long hair with hair spray, their hair or clothes may catch on fire. I saw this happen to our wedding reverend who had long, curly hair. When she stepped back while the couple lit their unity candle, she lit her officiant’s robe and her hair on fire. She had to stop, drop and roll to put out the flames! Her robe and hair were singed, luckily the flames did not burn her scalp or skin.

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Published on March 28, 2016.

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