Thornewood Castle summer wedding

Artist and word lover marry at Thornewood Castle

Tim Lockey’s proposal, on Easter 2014, launched 16 months of wedding planning. Tim and Sheena Lockey were married on Aug. 21, 2015, at Thornewood Castle.

Tim and Sheena carefully selected their wedding colors of salmon pink, raspberry pink, peacock blue and Tiffany blue. “I am very sensitive to color. I associate words, numbers and ideas with certain colors, and certain colors trigger strong emotional responses in me,” says Sheena. She also wanted to include Tim’s favorite color, blue.

She spent hours shopping and researching to find the exact shade of pink she wanted for the bridesmaid dresses. Frustrated, she talked to Tim, who joined in her search. She finally found the right color, but the dresses were discontinued. Luckily, the manufacturer had one last bolt of fabric in that color and agreed to hold it until her bridesmaids called in their measurements. “I take my pink obsession very seriously,” says Sheena, “and we even made sure to have pink wine and pink champagne!”

The blue colors were included in the flowers and in other elements.

VISION AND THEME: The couple’s vision was for their wedding to be romantic, gorgeous and personal. The pair incorporated a lock-and-key theme, playing on Tim’s last name: Lockey.

“Tim is a self-described ‘hopeless romantic,’  ” says Sheena. “We are both very interested in visual aesthetics, and we wanted to have a wedding that we personally found beautiful. We wanted to express our personalities in every aspect of the wedding, and we also wanted to honor those close to us, our family and friends.”

DÉCOR: As a nod to Sheena’s love of books, the florist provided beautifully lettered signs and included books in displays. Sheena added some of her own books to the centerpieces.

Roses were the flowers most used, because of their association with romance.

Sheer table runners were layered over solid ones to get the desired shade of pink. Tim shopped at several stores to find the right shade of blue napkins.

Sheena and Tim designed the centerpieces, which incorporated tablecloths, runners, napkins, ribbon wraps and more. Tim created a digital composition of the centerpiece displays and handed it to their day-of wedding coordinator, caterer, and florist, who put the displays together. “They did an amazing job of bringing it all to life on the day of the wedding,” says Sheena.

The lock-and-key theme was carried out in several ways, including keys attached to escort cards, napkins embossed with a lock-and-key design and key stickers on the napkins.

CAKE: Tim, an artist, was very involved in the design of the cake, including the colors. He designed the look in Photoshop and sent the image to the baker. “The cake is Tim’s personal favorite element of the décor,” says Sheena.

MEMORABLE, UNEXPECTED MOMENTS: Tim gave each of his groomsmen unique drawings of themselves as figures in a post-apocalyptic setting. The groomsmen liked their illustrations so much, they brought their artwork to the wedding, and they were displayed during the reception. “It may not seem to fit the rest of the décor,” says Sheena, “but it fits our deeper goal of having personalized touches that honor our relationship with those closest to us.”

At every wedding that Tim attends, he wears a black-and-white “Game Over” T-shirt underneath his dress shirt. During the reception, he takes off his dress shirt to show his T-shirt. He redesigned the shirt and made personalized versions for six of his closest friends to wear to his wedding.

On display were framed photographs of loved ones, including Tim’s dad. The couple left the reception in a 1972 blue Camaro that Tim’s dad had given him as a memento before he passed away in 2010. “Tim associates this car with his dad in a special way, and it meant a lot to him to be able to make our exit in it,” says Sheena.

FAVORITE MOMENTS: Sheena and Tim remember their speeches to each other as their favorite part of their ceremony. The speeches followed their traditional vows. Though prepared separately, the speeches turned out to touch on the same themes: “how well we complement one another, how much we trust and confide in each other, how we are each other’s best friends and how much of a ‘sappy romantic’ Tim is (and how much I love that),” says Sheena.

Her other favorite moment is when the soloist sang, “From This Moment On.” Tim’s other favorite memory is the “first look” they had privately before the ceremony.

Sheena is a doctoral student in Russian literature and a Russian language instructor at a university in California. Tim is an artist and a student of 3-D computer graphics and game design in California.

This wedding was featured in South Sound Wedding & Event magazine 2016.



VENUE: Thornewood Castle

CATERER: A Grand Affaire Catering

FLORIST: POSH Wedding Flowers


HAIR-MAKEUP: Chémel Salon

MUSIC: Arcobaleno Strings

DJ: Adam’s DJ Service




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Thornewood Castle. Photo by Wallflower Photography.
Thornewood Castle. Photo by Wallflower Photography.
Thornewood Castle. Photo by Wallflower Photography.
Lakefront wedding at Thornewood Castle in Lakewood. Photo: Wallflower Photography.
Thornewood Castle wedding; bride awaits her ceremony. Photo: Wallflower Photography
Thornewood Castle. Photo by Wallflower Photography.
Garden summer wedding at Thornewood Castle. Photo: Wallflower Photography.
Wedding cake at Thornewood Castle wedding. Photo by Wallflower Photography.
Thornewood Castle wedding. Photo by Wallflower Photography.
Published on March 8, 2017.

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