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Fall 2017 color trends

PANTONE has announced the top 10 2017 fall color trends for men's and women's fashions in the U.S.A.

They are:


PANTONE 17-1558 Grenadine

A powerful, evocative, dynamic red, grenadine is a confident and self-assured attention-getter.


PANTONE 19-1725 Tawny Port

Taking the red family to new depths, tawny port is elegant, sophisticated, and tasteful. It's similar to burgundy - maroon in color.


PANTONE 13-2808 Ballet Slipper

A soft pink, ballet slipper is always flattering and reminiscent of the rosy glow of health.


PANTONE 16-1341 Butterum

This snug, warming, and toasty shad (mid-range beige color) is evocative of drinking a glass of butterum by a roaring fire on a cool autumn evening.


PANTONE 19-4029 Navy Peony

A mainstay for the season for both palettes, navy peony (navy blue) is a dependable and an anchoring shade. Solid and stable, the hue takes some of the load off of black as a go-to neutral.


PANTONE 17-4402 Neutral Gray

The standard bearer of all neutrals, neutral gray shares the anchoring role with navy peony in this palette. It can be used as an accent or a head-to-toe statement shade.


PANTONE 19-4524 Shaded Spruce

This is a green you might see in the forest – sheltering and protective as evergreen trees.


PANTONE 16-0543 Golden Lime

Earthy tones with a twist, the golden undertones of golden lime makes this yellow-green shade a refreshing complement to fall classics.


PANTONE 17-4041 Marina

Cool with an enhanced vitality, marina is the only truly cool color in the fall palette that brings with it freshness and brightness.


PANTONE 17-1145 Autumn Maple

A quintessential autumn color, autumn maple is tawny and russet, introducing warmth into the palette.

Photographs by Firstlight Photography.





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Published on April 6, 2017.


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