Colors for spring 2018

Pantone has announced its spring 2018 colors for men and women, which you will find reflected in bridesmaid dresses, men’s formalwear and other items.

As you look at these colors, keep in mind that your monitor, tablet or phone does not give accurate representations of these colors. Color printed on paper reflects differently from fabric, so it is not reliable either. For the best representations of your wedding colors, use fabric swatches. Buy one yard of fabric—enough for you to cut out pieces to share with your florist, bridal apparel store, men’s formalwear store and other vendors.

Spring 2018 top 12 color palette

PANTONE 13-0646 - Meadowlark. Meadowlark is a bold lively bright yellow shade brightening the color palette.

PANTONE 17-1563 - Cherry tomato. Cherry tomato is an orangey red that exudes heat and energy.

PANTONE 16-4132 - Little boy blue. This azure blue shade is a stunning blue.

PANTONE 18-1440 - Chili oil. Chili oil is an earthy brown based red that adds flavorful definition to this palette.

PANTONE 14-3207 - Pink lavender. Pink lavender is a soft and romantic violet rose that charms.

PANTONE 15-1520 - Blooming dahlia. The alluring blooming dahlia beckons us with its gentle appeal.

PANTONE 16-5533 - Arcadia. Arcadia is a retro, yet modern, cooler green with a tinge of blue undertone.

PANTONE 18-3838 - Ultra violet. The magical ultra violet is a distinctive and complex purple shade.

PANTONE 18-1028 - Emperador. The rich chocolate infused brown emperador adds strength and substance to the color palette.

PANTONE 12-2103 - Almost mauve. The delicate petal-like almost mauve adds a sense of nostalgia.

PANTONE 17-3020 - Spring crocus. Spring crocus is a flamboyant and tantalizing fuchsia shade.

PANTONE 13-0550 - Lime punch. Sharp and citrus in tone, lime punch hits a chord with its bright color.

Spring 2018 classic color palette

PANTONE 19-4034 - Sailor blue. The navy-like sailor blue anchors the palette.

PANTONE 14-4202 - Harbor mist. Harbor mist is a mid-tone dove gray.

PANTONE 15-1214 - Warm sand. Warm sand is a comforting neutral shade that effortlessly connects the seasons.

PANTONE 11-0608 - Coconut milk. Coconut milk represents the classic mainstay of a white and/or off-white for the spring 2018 season.

Tips on researching, choosing and sharing wedding colors

  1. Research the latest fashion colors. Why? Because fashion and retail selections reflect color trends. It’s best to choose trendy wedding colors because you’ll have more options and be more likely to find what you need.
  2. What colors do you and your loved one prefer? Think of the colors you have in your home or in your wardrobe. Which colors are you drawn to?
  3. To help decide on colors, go to a large department store together and see which colors you are both drawn to.
  4. Go to a bridal store to look at bridesmaid dress colors. What do you like?
  5. Go to a men’s tuxedo shop and look at colors there, what are you drawn to?
  6. Other resources include national wedding shopping websites such as David’s Bridal and Men’s Wearhouse, which have helpful color-pairing tips.
  7. Choose at least two colors for your wedding and a third for an accent color.
  8. To share your wedding colors, buy a yard of fabric in each color, cut it into pieces, and share it with your florist, apparel store, caterer and others. Select the fabric that represents the color you want. Paint samples from the hardware store or photos on your phone, tablet, computer or printer all look different; they may not accurately show the color you want.

See sample colors in photo gallery.


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Published on Sepember 28, 2017.

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