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Advice from newlyweds

We asked the newlyweds for advice to give to you -- engaged couples -- suggestions and tips regarding how to plan your wedding. They gave the BEST advice.

Here are their words of wisdom.

Enjoy all the events that take place leading up to the day. Focus on the marriage and your future together, not just the party. - Abbie and Steven Saner

  1. Make sure it’s about you. There’s a lot of pressure from outside sources and third parties. It’s important to realize it’s your day and that is all that matters. Everything should come to your approval.
  2. Things are going to go wrong and that’s OK, perfect as planned. Don’t let it bother you; you don’t want a memory of that negative. Go into the day knowing something may go wrong.
  3. We made an Excel spreadsheet about what needed to get done, the due date and who was responsible; then we could keep track of who was in charge of ordering the cake, etc. Keep track of everything. Also make sure that you start planning the wedding well in advance, and be done well in advance.

- Ellen and Prince Sharma


We are so happy with the way each little detail turned out — it was our fairy-tale wedding for sure — but one thing we experienced was we were so caught up with the bliss of the day, we could hardly stop to examine the decorations or notice how many people were there or if everyone got fed! Also, during planning there were definitely some regrets I had where I pushed ideas and wants so far that I didn’t take into account how my husband felt about it, or I even failed to communicate about it! Wedding planning can make or break your day together, depending on how well you communicate and listen to each other. I know a lot of prior brides can relate with this. So to all you brides-to-be, you’ve been dreaming of this day forever, but keep it simple! And keep reminding yourself it’s just one day. Stick with just a handful of ideas you’ve been dreaming of for your wedding and you won’t drive yourself crazy with a long list that keeps building. Trust me, you won’t be thinking about your guest count or that one decoration that didn’t make it on the table when you’re saying your “I dos.” It’s all about marrying your best friend and growing closer together from the experience. It’s an important day but a fleeting day. You have the rest of your lives together from here on out! Spend time during the wedding planning encouraging your spouse and doing little things to make his day. Laugh at your mistakes, have FUN and in the midst of the stress make time to get away and relax together! - Angie and Abe Barber


A piece of advice I would give to engaged couples planning a wedding is to not forget why you are doing this in the first place! It is so easy to get wrapped up in the superficial aspect of planning your wedding, but in the end the only thing that matters is that you are showing all the most important people in your life that you promise to love and respect each other for the rest of your lives and through anything. It is all about the joining of two souls more than anything else! Also, it helps to have an awesome bridal party to support you and an organized wedding planner that can worry about things so you don’t have to! - Noelle and Justin Woolley

  • If there is a corkage fee, use magnum wine bottles.
  • People drink a lot more white wine than expected.
  • Book your venue early; most fill up a year or more in advance.
  • Have a small wedding party if possible; it saves money and makes things more close and personal. There is also less confusion and drama on the day of the wedding.
  • Have all of the bridesmaids there and let them help to choose their dress at the shop too.
  • Have a little basket with necessities in each of the bathrooms: small personal deodorant, antacid, hand lotion, ibuprofen, floss picks, small individual containers of mouthwash and, in the women’s room, tampons and pads.
  • Have fun with it, and try not to stress too much. It should be fun!

- Tessa and Alex Wardian


Reading articles about wedding how-tos and scouring Pinterest is super helpful in the beginning to get the creative juices flowing, but my advice is to proceed with caution and quit the scouring as quickly as possible. Live in the present and enjoy the engaged life. I knew all along that doing what felt true to us was important, but I got sucked in at times, caring about all the lists online saying what a wedding needed. “Just do you” is what Barry says, and do not worry. “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” Luke 12:25. As for all the tedious details, just do what’s you and do what honors you and your relationship. And with love, eat on your wedding day! - Nolan and Barry Rivera


The process will always go by fast and be stressful, no matter how much planning you put into it. The critical part is just to take the time to figure out what the most important things are to each of you so that you can ensure they are integrated into the ceremony and reception. Once you have a list of must-haves, then you can set your priorities and plan your event around those priorities. Also, never stop being true to yourselves. Advice and recommendations will always freely flow from friends and family, so don’t lose focus on what you want. Hopefully, you only get to do this once, so it should speak to you as a couple. If you follow your vision, it is sure to feel much more sincere, personal, and genuine — which you and your guests will undoubtedly appreciate! - Carden and Greg Griffith


Focus on what is important for both of you during your day. Don’t worry so much about how people are going to respond. You have invited the people closest to you to enjoy in celebration, so everyone is going to be there out of love. Which means no one should be offended by where they are sitting at dinner or at the church. Enjoy the moment, ’cause it goes by so fast!  - Sharon and Brad Rogers


Enlist as much help as possible with planning, and don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to family or friends! Also don’t get caught up in little details. Guests will not remember such things as place settings, tablecloths and centerpieces. They will just remember how they felt and how much fun they had celebrating the newly wed couple. Last, make it how you want and don’t allow others to make you lose sight of your dream wedding. - McKenzie and Michael Holmes

  1. Do not wait to start planning!
  2. Remember why you’re getting married in the first place. Don’t get wrapped up in anything besides each other.
  3. Don’t worry. Things will go unexpectedly. With that being said, you will still walk down that aisle and marry your best friend.
  4. You will be busy during your day. That’s OK! Unfortunately, there may not be a ton of time to spend with your loved ones, but they will have a great time sharing your day with you anyway!

- Danielle and Cody Diena






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Port Gamble wedding
Wedding featured in South Sound Wedding & Event magazine
Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens in Puyallup
Wedding featured in South Sound Wedding & Event magazine
Wedding featured in South Sound Wedding & Event magazine
Wedding featured in South Sound Wedding & Event magazine
Published on July 5, 2017.

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