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DJs help run smooth weddings

Music is an important part of weddings and receptions as it helps set the mood and cue the wedding party for the walk down the aisle.

To save money, some couples use an iPod operated by a friend or relative. But there are many questions to consider before deciding to take the do-it-yourself route. For example, you must consider the size of the room and whether an adequate sound system is available. Think about your guests’ taste in music; it’s unlikely that your grandma will share your musical sensibilities. For these reasons, many couples choose to hire a professional disc jockey. Professionals offer not only a wide selection of music, but also their expertise as masters of ceremonies – something you won’t get with a DIY setup.

DJs bring extensive music collections and high-quality sound systems that are effective in large rooms. “The DJ’s job is to play the right music at the right time with the right volume,” says Ed Griffin, Master Wedding Vendor™, of The Wedding DJs.

The DJ also creates the scene. Many also offer specialty lighting and TVs or projection screens for slide shows.

“We go into every event with our clients’ best interests in mind and leave our personal music preferences at home,” explain Ollie Brown and Jered Delpalacio, owners of Gen X Productions. “This is what most music connoisseurs miss when asked to DJ a friend’s event.”

Using a professional DJ offers additional advantages. “You will not have to rent, set up, break down and return equipment,” says Griffin. “A DJ will have smoother transitions, with little or no gap between songs. Plus, modern DJ software makes for much quicker searches through their massive music library.”

Adam Tiegs, owner of Adam’s DJ Service, explains, “A professional DJ (as opposed to an iPod) can read a crowd, play the right songs at the right time and mix music seamlessly.”

Most DJs also serve as MCs who make announcements and keep the event moving. When couples don’t have a professional wedding coordinator, DJs may fill some of that role. “We work with the wedding party and family to organize the ceremony and reception, plus mix the music to make everything flow smoothly,” says Cory Kolilis, owner of Sound EFX Wedding DJs.

MCs watch and manage the overall flow of the reception — cueing the toasts, the cutting of the cake and the first dance — and make sure the guests have fun tearing up the dance floor. Additionally, the MC should “advise the bride and groom if the guests are getting restless,” say Brown and Delpalacio.

It’s important to choose a wedding professional with whom you feel a connection. To get the best results from your DJ, be sure the company is a licensed business that has years of experience in the field. Check references, as well.

“The DJ/MC is there to support the bride and groom by making their wedding the most enjoyable day of their lives,” explains Chris Curtis, owner of South Bay Sound. “He or she should be able to read the room by playing music that creates the mood, and offer the couple and their guests an enjoyable environment so they can enjoy their day.”

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Published on April 27, 2016.


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