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Wedding and reception decor trends

Vintage decor, photo booths and handmade signs are hot trends at South Sound weddings and receptions

Scouring thrift shops, antique stores and grandma’s attic is how many brides are finding décor for their centerpieces, guest book table and gift table. Using vintage props is a way to honor the past, reuse old items and celebrate objects in a new and fresh way.

  1. Mason jars are being used to hold floral bouquets,
  2. Old wheelbarrows to hold gifts and old trunks as décor.
  3. Old books are piled on tables to heighten floral arrangements.
  4. Old garden gates and wooden doors are used as backdrops for the ceremony or the wedding cake.

Wedding photo booths of all designs

Entertaining guests during wedding receptions is made easy with a photo booth. Most booths include silly hats and other costume pieces to add fun for your guests. The photo strips or photos are great favors that remind guests of the fun they had at your wedding reception.

There are a variety of photo booth sizes and styles, ranging from the standard self-contained boxes to a set where a professional photographer takes photos and prints them for guests.

A photographer who operates a photo booth will often give a DVD of photos to the bride and groom, providing entertaining memories of their guests.

Wedding signs direct guests

Couples are making creative and useful directional signs, plus banner signs, and incorporating them into their special day. Signs may direct guests to the wedding, reception, cocktail hour and dancing. Ceremony signs, such as “Here comes the bride,” are often carried by the flower girl, ring bearer or a youngster who is simply the sign bearer.

With the countless wedding and reception venues in the South Sound, it’s a good idea to make custom directional signs to lead your guests to their destination. For barn weddings, use old pieces of wood and paint words with white paint. Remember to remove the signs on the streets when the wedding and reception are over.

Vintage and natural decor are hot trends at South Sound weddings, receptions and events.

Not only are these trends stylish, but they are great ways to save money and be eco-friendly. Chalkboard signs are very popular. You can buy old chalkboards at thrift stores or antique shops, or borrow one from friends. For the best result, ask a friend with beautiful handwriting or printing to write on the board.

Tips for creating this look yourself:

  • Borrow from friends and family. If you have a mom, grandma, or grandpa with a house full of old stuff -- it doesn't even have to be nice -- you can incorporate it into your decor. Old suitcases, glass jars, silverware, dishes, and more.
  • Use liners. If something is old or dirty, line the inside with colorful paper or fabric so it's usable.
  • Reuse decorations. Put well-worn Christmas ornaments or Valentine’s Day hearts in glass vases to add color and interest.
  • Make it colorful. Fresh fruit or flowers in vases make easy, colorful, and interesting decorations.
  • Add texture and variety. Mix floral arrangements with groups of branches in tall vases, or add ribbons and other small details, as long as they fit your theme!

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Published on April 29, 2016.

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