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Ten makeup tips for brides and bridesmaids

  1. Never use mineral or powder makeup for photos. It can cast an eerie glow on faces and look chalky.

  2. Make sure to tweeze your eyebrows at least 24 hours before the morning of your wedding. On the big day, use brow powder to enhance the brow.
  3. People tend to look washed-out in photos, so put slightly heavier makeup on the eyes and eyebrows, and wear a pale blush.

  4. Pick one feature to emphasize: eyes or lips. If you create a smoky, sexy eye, then you must have a paler or nude lip. If you choose red lips, then you must use a pale shade of eye shadow, if any, combined only with black eyeliner and mascara.
  5. Picture an imaginary oval on your face. Everything outside the oval should be made slightly darker than what’s inside. Buy two shades of foundation, and use the darker one under your chin, at the temples, on a high forehead and under your cheekbones. This technique will flatter your face’s own curves, giving you a naturally beautiful bridal look.

  6. If you are a no-makeup kind of girl, be aware that it takes a lot of makeup to make you look as if you’re not wearing makeup! The camera sees differently from the human eye and will show flaws you never knew you had. It’s only one day of your life, and in photos, makeup lasts forever!

  7. Pick a friend whose makeup you like, and ask her to do yours. Let her show you how she applies hers, and try it yourself a few times. You will be an expert by the time your day arrives.

  8. When choosing shades for eye shadows and blush, shy away from colors that might appear in rainbows! Stick with natural skin-tone colors, such as beige, brown, sand, wheat, pink-browns and coppers.

  9. If you are choosing a new foundation to wear for your wedding, choose a yellow-based one. Everyone looks better with a little yellow to warm the skin than with pink to cool it.

  10. If you cannot afford a professional makeup artist for yourself and your bridal party on the day of your wedding, then go to one for a lesson. Use that one- to two-hour slot of time to ask as many questions as you can. The artist will be yours for that time, so ask her or him to show you step by step what to do for your skin tone and your shaped face.

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Published on April 4, 2016.

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