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Gig Harbor spring wedding

This couple, Courtney and Wes, met at Principia College in Illinois while she was a student and he was a recent graduate who had returned to be the assistant coach of the men’s soccer team.

During their 10-month engagement, they planned a ceremony and reception to celebrate their commitment and friendship. “We wanted everyone to feel like they served a special part in our relationship,” says Courtney. They planned their ceremony to be “a balance of seriousness, to honor the significance of the event, and light-heartedness to capture our personalities.”

Ideal country club venue

The couple spent the entire wedding day at Canterwood Golf & Country Club. “I loved how everything was in one location,” says Courtney. “It was more relaxing than having to drive to different locations throughout the day. We also loved that our venue had a ceremony location for any weather: indoors, outdoors on the grass or in the tent or, if it was snowing, in the restaurant. It was so nice to not worry about the unpredictable Pacific Northwest weather in late March.”

Pacific Northwest coziness, rain and all

Courtney, a native of Washington, enjoys the coziness she feels when it rains. “I wanted to honor that,” she said. She did so by using tree stumps and moss in her décor. Her dad’s side of the family is into birds, having two members who are ornithologists. A scattering of faux birds about the décor tied in the bird theme.

The 120 guests sat at tables with unique table décor featuring moss, birds, wood and candles — all displayed differently at each table. Sporting colors of gray and deep blue, with a pop of coral, some tables had tree stumps with birdcages, while others had moss table runners with flowers and birch bark. “I think the different textures and variety created a feast for the eyes,” Courtney says.

Professional design and décor planners from TLB Events assisted the couple with the décor. “TLB Events did an incredible job of understanding my vision and bringing it to fruition,” says Courtney.

To treat their guests, the couple gave favors of a variety of popcorn flavors in small, see-through gift bags.

When friends told Courtney what to expect of her wedding day, they said, “It’s all a blur,” or “It goes by so fast.” That advice prompted the couple “to hire the best photographer we could within our budget,” says Courtney. “My dad is a photographer, so when I asked him about wedding photographers, along with specific advice, he advised to find a photographer with a fun personality who makes everyone feel comfortable. Tom and Tasha Owen were the perfect fit for us."

To prepare for the couple’s reception dance, Wes’s mom treated the pair to dance lessons. “Having an understanding of different dance moves we could combine into a routine enabled us to bond and get to know each other outside of our element,” says Courtney.

Courtney is a first-grade teacher, and Wes works as an analyst for an apparel company. They make their home in Santa Barbara, California.

VENUE: Canterwood Golf and Country Club
CAKE: Corina Bakery



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Published on April 11, 2016.

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